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We build Engagement Architectures for mission-driven organizations empowering continuous and effective audience engagement.

Engagement Architecture

Everyone needs a strategy that integrates their messaging, technology and systems, and their internal staff and processes, holistically.  Engagement Architecture organizes and manages not just your website and other communications software (the Engagement Platform) but also the related marketing and outreach strategies that connect people to your organization or mission.  Let us show you how to create a powerful and practical roadmap for managing, improving, and planning for high-quality audience engagement.

At ParsonsTKO we want to meet you where you are and partner with your organization to identify actionable next steps that will result in more meaningful relationships with your audience. In order to achieve this, our curated services will help guide your mission-driven organization through an interconnected approach—Engagement Architecture—that will help each project or service we provide create additive progress towards your goals.

What PTKO Can Do For You

Audience Engagement & Acquisition

It’s a fierce and crowded marketplace for ideas, new ones are being created all the time, and winning market share for people’s attention, let alone their support is not easy. We’ve developed a sophisticated, integrated, approach for helping you create a strong signal that reaches your audiences in this noisy landscape. Let us help you reach more people, more powerfully.

Analytics & Optimization

We live in a society bloated with data yet starved for wisdom. Your data has stories to tell, wisdom to impart, and behavior changes to inspire. Let us help you refine your raw data into business intelligence and actionable insight.

Strategy & Governance

Do you want a practical, risk managed, budget and resource-conscious approach for planning and managing your investments in communications and outreach? Do you want to maximize the return on investment you get after deploying a new tool or updating an internal business process/workflow? If you are nodding your head, please explore our road-tested, adaptable process for organizing and executing your best ideas, getting them funded, and having the change they create be welcomed.

Branding & Design

While everyone loves beautiful design, not as many people focus on the holistic experience visitors encounter as they travel between communications channels. We build brand architectures that design the visual experience as a component of the complete emotional and functional experience your audience will encounter.

Technology & Automation

We see technology through the lens of your organization’s existing investments, staff expertise, and technical ecosystem. Our approach is to design and deploy systems that wherever possible reduce the internal effort required to generate high-quality engagement with your external audiences. Take advantage of our powerful, yet practical, approach for designing and implementing Engagement Architectures that ensures your target audiences’ and your staff’s needs remain central to each technical implementation.

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