Engagement Architects


Our approach – called Engagement Architecture – combines business process, team capacity, organizational capabilities, and technology investments.  We help build practical plans that let you manage technology, staff, and strategy together in a measurable and sustainable way.

Strategy & Planning

Your organization spends heavily on technical systems for engaging supporters. But are you getting the most from these critical investments?

We know it’s hard to maximize the impact of big-ticket systems – and plan for future needs – when you’re charged with dozens of responsibilities, and don’t have the luxury of being a full-time technology expert. Let us help you manage and integrate your audience engagement systems to power sustainable growth, so that you can focus on what you do best: meeting your organization’s goals for social change.

Systems selection

Systems audits & assessments

Technology roadmapping

Technical & integration architecture

Governance modeling

Change management

Capacity planning

Pre-project planning

Data contracting & systems integration management

RFP drafting, creation, and process management

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Data & Insights

Do you feel like your organization has never had more data—but that actionable insights from this data aren’t yet making your job easier, or your team’s performance more effective?

You’re not alone. It’s hard to get useful insights from disconnected data systems that spit out unreliable, cookie-cutter metrics, and from reports that don’t prioritize your unique needs. PTKO empowers leaders with personalized, user-friendly data and analytics solutions—so that you have the confidence to speak authoritatively about what’s working well (and not), course correct with real-time data, and secure the resources you need to meet your mission.

Google Analytics Migration Services

Whether you are just beginning to consider the future of your analytics, or you already have a GA4 strategy in place and need hands-on implementation, we offer a range of services to help you through this year of critical change in web analytics.

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Reporting & dashboard design

Data diagnostics – analysis & insight gaps identification

Social listening & influencer identification

Innovations & market trends research

Data inventories

Contact modeling & record design

Enterprise taxonomy design

Data engineering & analytics configuration

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Platform Management

Anyone who’s led a major change initiative knows that getting the software & technology setup is only half the battle. Using your new capabilities, onboarding staff, and changing processes all are needed to realize value.

We set your projects up for success through a multidisciplinary approach that focuses relentlessly on the big picture, while simultaneously sweating the small stuff. Our expertise includes change management, system integrations, contact modeling, data and analytics, user-friendly reporting, and extensive training and onboarding for staff members.


Project management

Platform & product planning

Lifecycle planning for systems & technology

Vendor selection & oversight

Systems, data, and content integrations & automations

Stewardship & deployment of:

Content Management Systems (CMS) and websites

Email Marketing
Systems (EMS/EDS) and automation

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems

Enterprise search

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Quality assurance

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These smaller scale projects are a great place to begin.

Website Redesign Planning Workshop

Lay the foundation for a successful website redesign with strategic planning

Outreach Technology Roadmapping Workshop

Improve business performance with a practical plan for optimizing and integrating your outreach systems

Technical Analytics Audit

Get relevant, reliable, actionable data to inform your outreach strategy and tactics

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