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Google Analytics Migration Services

Whether you are just beginning to consider the future of your analytics, or you already have a GA4 strategy in place and need hands-on implementation, we offer a range of services to help you through this year of critical change in web analytics.

Quick Consult & Current State Analysis

60-minute one-on-one with a data strategy consultant. Rapidly address uncertainty around key decisions, accelerating progress towards migration by addressing roadblocks.

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$500 Free for a limited time

Team Planning for GA Migration

Data assessment and strategic planning process centered around a 90-minute decision making exercise. Align expectations and build consensus with key decision-makers on your team, and move forward with an agreed-upon plan for web analytics.

  • A great opportunity to include leadership in the deliberation process and validate the direction of the organization’s web analytics
  • We will assemble a summary of findings based on submissions your team has entered into our GA migration toolkit, to be shared with your team ahead of the workshop
  • Continue deliberations offline with our team via email for up to 2 weeks after the workshop

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$5,000 with discounts up to 50% available for teams that complete self-service questionnaires ahead of the workshop (Pay by credit card)

Migration sprint

One-week data engineering effort. Combined implementation effort from our multi-disciplinary team to take requirements and turn them into a functioning replacement analytics system.

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Free Toolkit

Not sure what you have, what you need, or where to get started? Google Analytics as you know it is ending, and we offer a free collection of resources to educate and prepare yourself to move to a new analytics platform, including a facilitated decision-making tool to recommend a good candidate tool.

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Workshop agenda:

  • 30 minutes: Review current analytics capabilities, and goals for migration
  • 30 minutes: Building consensus around a best fit solution
  • 30 minutes: Migration implementation planning