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Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture.

While everyone loves beautiful design, not as many people focus on the holistic experience a visitor encounters as they travel between communications channels and blended experiences of online and physical events and meetings. When we engage in visual design, we consider the visual experience as a component of the emotional and functional experience your audiences will encounter. Many of our clients turn their attention to visual design during a business reorganization, a website rebuild, or a shift in mission focus. These moments present an opportunity for high altitude thinking about the brand experience and organizational positioning presented to audiences. We refer to these holistic plans as “Brand Architecture.”

Your current Brand Architecture may be selling your organization short to first time visitors. We can help modernize and improve your Brand Architecture and visual identity by getting to the heart of what makes your organization, and it’s value to your audiences, unique. While it sounds like a strange way to get to visual design, we’ll review your goals, governance, content strategy, and historical market positioning holistically so that all of these inputs can lead us to your brand value proposition. From there, we create high impact visual experiences and style guides that carry your organizational brand promise through to both the virtual and physical worlds. As a result, you’ll be able to introduce yourself to your key audiences in a way that sparks excitement and encourages action.

Our Branding & Design Services

Brand Architecture

Does your organization have a recognizable brand experience that tells a story? What makes it unique and memorable? If you are feeling a little unsure of your answers, developing a Brand Architecture with us might help. We’ll start by using your existing content, strategic plans, and history to lead the hard discussions about your organizational positioning. Through this effort, we will then work with you to craft the story arc of your organization, and through this story discover the key elements of your Brand Architecture.

Brand Architecture organizes and adds context to all the elements you need to work in harmony to present a unified, consistent and familiar experience to your audiences. Brand Architecture defines not just the style and tone of the language and visual design you need for today, but also outlines how to use and adapt your brand to unexpected or new situations tomorrow.

Let us tell your story through:
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand positioning
  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • UX/UI
  • Full design of digital suite
  • Logos
  • Print and physical design
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Logos & Visual Identity

Can your audience pick your content out of a lineup? Do they instantly know which tweets are yours, which whitepapers, which emails? Too many organizations minimize the impact of their great content by not wrapping it in a strong and clear visual identity that connects the value and quality of the content with the reputational strength of their organization. Your logo and visual identity anchor your Brand Architecture. They are symbols and signals that can be recognized within seconds, increasing familiarity and comfort with audiences over time. The ability to be recognized quickly matters more than ever in the click-scroll fast-paced communications environment we operate in.

Let us build your reputation through:
  • A logo that is easy to recall and tells a story to create an emotional response
  • Colors and fonts that create a feel and convey credibility
  • A visual identity system that provides consistency to increase trust across all your channels
  • Implementation of guidelines that work on a business card as well as a digital billboard
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