Vince Lampone

Marketing Strategist & Copywriter

While his career has taken many twists and turns, one thing is constant: Vince’s love of words. With ParsonsTKO, he makes creative use of zippy adjectives and action verbs to share the story of Engagement Architecture with the world.

Vince brings a passion for big ideas and strategic problem-solving to public service. Over 15+ years, he’s worked for many mission-driven organizations including NPR, The Atlantic, and the World Bank. He’s an expert at translating complex ideas into plain English. He is a graduate of Harvard Kennedy School with a Master’s in Public Administration.

Beyond the world of words, Vince is a mindfulness instructor—finding joy in helping others develop a meditation practice that helps them feel more alive, grounded and purposeful. He enjoys dinner parties and karaoke, and is the proud husband of a cheeky Australian.