Tony Kopetchny


Tony combines a background in digital strategy with a passion for quantifiable results to help guide our clients through the white waters of digital communication.  With years of experience as a technical innovator in the public and private sector helping mission-driven organizations to thrive, Tony helps our clients in the successful implementation of new technologies, branding and business processes via organizational planning, change management, and communications strategy.

In addition to his expertise in web technologies, Tony applies his film and storytelling background into strategy engagements crafting robust interactive communications plans rooted in measured approaches. Tony has managed large digital portfolios for clients that span the entertainment, news publishing, U.S. Federal Government and non-profit space, including:  The Pew Charitable Trusts, The Associated Press, United States Institute of Peace, Open Societies Foundation, Center for Global Development, Woodrow Wilson Center, Brookings Institution, PeaceCorps, Aspen Institute, FEMA, and DHS.

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