Nate Parsons

Chief Strategy Officer

They say those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it, which is why Nate is an avid student of history. He’s been a student of a fair number of other things as well, from Physics to Political Science. Starting out as a programmer during the first boom, Nate’s learned a lot of evergreen lessons of internet development as a programmer, systems administrator and head of technology at several companies. Never content to focus on one field, he’s delved into the user experience, design, content strategy, and developed strategic and business process improvement plans for organizations.

Nate’s wide-ranging professional experience has included designing large scale web platforms for national clients such as the island of Curacao, Hyatt, and developing custom booking engines for Micros E-commerce. He’s led the development of enterprise websites for national non-profits such as the Human Rights Campaign, and The Open Societies Foundation. He has designed publishing platforms for the Associated Press and Thomson Reuters and also the state of Georgia. He’s consulted for both the US Senate’s Sergeant at Arms and the House of Representative’s Chief Administrative Officer. Nate has also consulted for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, helping them develop and execute a 3-year technical roadmap and modernization effort, as well as consulting with Twitter on the development of a custom CMS platform.