Mikayla O'Reggio

Project Coordinator/Analyst

Mikayla is a new graduate from UC Berkeley where she received a BS in Environmental Economics and Policy. During her time at Berkeley, Mikayla developed her expertise in human rights, technology, entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility. She has had the opportunity to work with nonprofits such as Pencils of Promise, and Cinema Napa Valley as well as explore the world of social enterprise through her time with startups such as Popcorn, and 81cents where she worked in consulting, analytics, marketing and business development. In addition to her work at PTKO, Mikayla cultivates her passion for social justice, analytics, and consulting as the co-founder of Activism Always, a social enterprise startup.

Mikayla has extensive interest and experience in the mission driven world and has volunteered with organizations such as The Boys & Girls Club, The Berkeley Project, CovEducation, and the East Bay Asian Youth Center. She is extremely passionate about empowering communities through activism and democratized technology, and is thrilled to apply these passions to PTKO’s inaugural Data Innovation Studio.

When not working with the mission driven sector, Mikayla enjoys thrift shopping, dancing ballet, exploring new cafes and baking for loved ones.