Lisa McHenry

Project Coordinator

A native of North Carolina, Lisa has a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology with a minor in communications from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. However if you press her, she’ll tell you that her focus within her major was primates. Hence, it seems appropriate to have her minding our zoo.

Always striving to learn new things, she loves solving puzzles. When she started working at her alma mater, she was given the task of maintaining her department’s website, which was not something in her skill set. But as she worked to unravel the mysteries of web design she fell in love with it. Seeking to grow her skill set further, she went back to school to earned a web technologies certificate from GTCC.

Lisa has worked in the hospitality industry, the Episcopal Church, an outdoor education center, a law firm, and a state university. In all of those venues the common thread has been helping customers find solutions. She lives to have those ‘Eureka!’ moments and to help clients have those moments too.

At ParsonsTKO, Lisa has a broad array of responsibilities in her role as Project Manager. Her favorite part though is the clients. She loves being a part of helping you all put good out into the world.

When not keeping us organized and caring for clients, Lisa is hard at work trying to make a difference in her local community. She is heavily involved in her sons’ PTAs and volunteers with several local women’s charities.

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