Bobak Tarighi

Marketing Analyst

Bobak Tarighi joins ParsonsTKO marketing team with extensive knowledge and education in digital communications, and extra flair for an excellent customer service experience. His knowledge of the Forbes Five Star Standards and social media allows him to bring an elevated experience to any audience. Graduating from the University of Arizona, with a Bachelor’s of Art, majoring in Communications positions him to contribute to PTKO’s mission and strategy.

Over the last year in marketing, Bobak has been able to work with organizations such as: The Housing Trust Fund of Ventura County, House FarmWorkers!, and The Coalition for Family Harmony. He is passionate about bringing awareness to underserved communities and working with people that want to make a difference. 

Throughout his twenties and into his thirties, Bobak has professionally danced on and off for about fifteen years. Starting with his local professional hip-hop dance company back in 2012, and performing back-up for prominent drag queens in the LGBTQ+ community at Charlie’s, the largest gay nightclub in Phoenix, AZ.