Technical Design & Architecture

Our approach to systems engineering marries efficiency, excellence, and elegance

We focus on developing “right fit” solutions instead of simply pushing expensive “best in class” solutions that often are as big of a headache as the problem they seek solve. We have extensive experience developing enterprise architectures, content management & creation pipelines, and helping plan for disaster, security, and continuity of operations.

Platform agnostic

We are not tied to any one system or technology, and place a premium on identifying needs first, then determining the right solution. We have experience with a broad range of tools, services, and platforms, and vendors.

Enterprise quality

Technology is continually pushing costs down, and complexity up. PTKO is an expert in leveraging the commodity pressures of technology to design and build robust enterprise quality systems that are affordable.

Future proof

The vanity of youth often leads to beautiful single works of art that don’t hold together well. Let us tie your digital suite together with a modular, componentized architecture. Each piece designed to serve a specific purpose, and to be easily replaced or sunset without major cost implications

Low cost

ParsonsTKO is deeply steeped in open source technologies that can help you avoid costly licensing fees. As part of our approach to low cost entry to technology solutions we can help you tie together fantastic low cost services & pay to play add-ons with strong open source foundations.

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This piece was originally published on InterAction’s blog on 2/27/17

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