Roadmapping & Budgeting

Start your digital transformation by crafting a plan that includes the tools, the team, and the costs to deliver a digital approach aligned to your organizational goals.

We work with organizations to define the ideal future state of your digital suite. Creating roadmaps assure alignment with departments and organizational goals for every project you undertake.

Technology audit

Make sure that your needs are covered by the tools you have, and that you are getting everything you can out of your current portfolio. Look for opportunities to streamline and optimize, and identify gaps that might call for expansion.

Staffing needs analysis

Having the best tools can only help if you the capacity to use them. Look forward to your programmatic goals and expected outcomes and make sure you’ll have the right team in place at the right times.

Strategic planning

Create a high-resolution vision for the ideal “future state” of your organization, including staff, processes, technologies, goals, and outcomes. We help by providing tested approaches that get you there, on-budget and on-time.

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This piece was originally published on InterAction’s blog on 2/27/17

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