Grant Writing & Fundraising

As funders increasingly demand measurable outcomes, show them that your digitally-empowered program is one worth investing in.

We help organizations craft funding requests for technical updates and new tools. Working with our clients we ensure they are ready to present and defend their requests by providing a framework for mapping goals and outcomes directly to funding requests.

Proposal writing

Let us help you make the case for your organization’s technical needs based on our familiarity with the state of the art in marketing communications and our experience with funders’ expectations. Go through your grant application process confident that you can anticipate and answer any questions.

RFP creation

Getting accurate, high value proposals from vendors isn’t as easy as it sounds. A poorly worded RFP can accidentally communicate risk or additional level of effort where none was intended. Let our experience creating and responding to RFPs help you craft a RFP that delivers the right kind of bids for you to quickly reach a confident decision.

Presentation preparation

Leverage ParsonsTKO’s extensive experience in advocating for and explaining the value of project and organizational change in the creation and delivery of your own transformational messages. PTKO offers presentation design, 1-1 coaching, and content creation to help convince funders and executives that your leading change for good.

Growth, evolution and learning; A welcome to Patti DeBow!

It’s been two years since I wrote about why we launched ParsonsTKO. I am a bit overdue for an update…

A theory of change

As I look around our industry and read the language that other digital agencies use to describe themselves, many share a common theme: we are looking for clients that want to “partner for the long haul” or “build long-term partnerships”.  Here’s the thing about our statement – organizat...

European Union General Data Protection Regulations and Getting IT Improvements Funded

Are you ready for May twenty fifth? That's the date that the EU's  General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are slated to be implemented. These rules -- and their associated sanctions -- target any organization that handles data about EU citizens, whether or not that organization is itself in the...

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