Data-Driven Decision-Making

Expand your reach, deepen your impact, and use analytics to guide your tactical success.

Most organizations struggle to move from broad interpretation of analytics to a more refined and acute understanding of where you are winning and where you can grow in your online outreach. Whether you are just starting out, struggling to select the right metrics, or are looking for greater efficiency through analytics automation and process definition, we can help create a measurement strategy that is tailored to fit your organization’s needs and aspirations. Empower yourself and your team and prove the impact of your work through data-driven decision making.

Analytics audit

A deep dive and review of existing data and data collection process will help us to define a comprehensive snapshot of your communications portfolio that serves as a touchstone for internal dialogue on performance and best practices.

Analytics framework design

Framework design methodology recognizes both the technological and the human aspects of analytics. Based on a careful review of your organization’s structure and goals, we help identify precise metrics and reporting practices that will empower your staff to be more effective at an individual level.

Ongoing analytics reporting

Not enough time to run deep analysis on a regular basis? Need help with creating the variety of internal reports your stakeholders are expecting? We provide regular and on-going support with your analytics program. Our focus on customized reports and a process includes advanced automation, natural language generation, and the careful analysis that only a human can provide to make sure you are harvesting insights and lessons learned for your team and organization.

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This piece was originally published on InterAction’s blog on 2/27/17

Explore how we used our Data-Driven Decision-Making services to help Rare Conservation fit analytics into their workflow.

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