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Can your content strategy compete on the increasingly competitive market for mind-share?

Creating impact takes more than pretty websites or tweeting 30 times a day, it requires a strong holistic approach. You need to not just reach people once, but build their engagement and support for your organization and take action on your behalf. We’ll show you how to build a content strategy that isn’t just user friendly, but is also organizationally empowering.

User experience design

Understand your audience, anticipate their intentions, and create compelling stories that guide them from interest to action through a seamless process on their first visit, or across many visits.

Messaging workshops

We’ll work with key stakeholders and audiences to help identify messages that carry the right meaning and have the greatest impact.

Editorial calendaring

Connect your message to your staff and put your publishing plan in action by setting expectations for cadence and the right mix of content for your organization.

European Union General Data Protection Regulations and Getting IT Improvements Funded

Are you ready for May twenty fifth? That's the date that the EU's  General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are slated to be implemented. These rules -- and their associated sanctions -- target any organization that handles data about EU citizens, whether or not that organization is itself in the...

Five things you can do today to capture custom analytics

At ParsonsTKO, we strive to help our clients make better decisions through data by improving the quality and relevance of analytics data, and empowering staff to take action based on those insights. There are many ways to capture new types of information that aren’t currently available to your org...

Oreos And The 3 Keys To Unlocking Organizational Agility: Process, Policies And Governance

This piece was originally published on InterAction’s blog on 2/27/17

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