On-Demand Consulting

We provide consultative support and advice when you need it.

It is hard to be an expert on all the things required to run a broad digital communications, marketing and fundraising program. There are times when you need support, guidance or second opinions. We provide on-demand consulting services making ourselves available when you need us--not tied to hourly rates.

Strategic counsel

We’ve seen the year over year results of many major organizational and departmental decisions, and also been in the chairs ourselves making those big decisions. We can work with you to avoid the pitfalls we’ve seen, show you the various approaches and paths forward you may not be aware of, and the decision evaluation frameworks we use.

Software and services evaluation

Not sure what system or solution is the best fit, let us help you decide! ParsonsTKO has an extensive evaluation framework that we use to fit the right tool to your problem, taking into account often overlooked things such as how much time your staff have to learn a new tool, how frequently they’ll use it, and how much value any given system needs to provide to justify it’s cost.

Tactical consulting

Are you starting a new initiative or working with a new type of campaign for the first time? We’d love to help you learn the ins and outs of social media campaigns, content automation, technology selection, and advertising buys.

Convene stakeholders

Often one of the biggest values we provide to organizations is in helping internal departments and external audiences clearly understand each other’s goals, needs, work products, challenges, and internal systems. As an outside arbiter we are able to conduct interviews that lead to honest and actionable feedback for organizational planning.

Coaching & skills transfer

In addition to helping provide outside counsel, we’re very adept at sharing our skills and expertise with you and your team. Let us provide as needed coaching and skills transfer in any number of digital communications arenas. We’ve tutored staff in everything from coding to content automation to creating consistent editorial voice across communications channels.

See how the National Womens History Museum used our on-demand consulting service to support their #HelpUsBuildIt campaign.

Growth, evolution and learning; A welcome to Patti DeBow!

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As I look around our industry and read the language that other digital agencies use to describe themselves, many share a common theme: we are looking for clients that want to “partner for the long haul” or “build long-term partnerships”.  Here’s the thing about our statement – organizat...

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Are you ready for May twenty fifth? That's the date that the EU's  General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are slated to be implemented. These rules -- and their associated sanctions -- target any organization that handles data about EU citizens, whether or not that organization is itself in the...

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