Coding & Development

Our technical implementation focuses on open and transparent processes that include setting prioritized backlogs with our clients and providing documentation.

We have a strong team of software engineers that translate experience design and requirements into reliable and user friendly systems that power communications, marketing and fundraising teams. In addition to software development we also work on extending and connecting various digital systems through API mapping and connections.

Long term cost savings

A key to developing solutions within a budget is to build using widely adopted tools and methods. You want there to be a large and diverse community of vendors who can update, extend, and understand your systems. We want your systems to be easy to update and maintain which is why we focus on industry standards in development.

Tight integrations

Because we understand that the value of data goes up exponentially every time it’s connected and juxtaposed with other data, we design and build all our systems to be as tightly integrated as possible.

Platform agnostic

We aren’t tied to a single system or technology. We focus on identifying needs first, then matching them to the right-fit solution. We are experienced with a broad range of tools and services and for those we do not have deep experience with we can work with any technical vendor that fits with your roadmap.

Future proofed

Today’s hottest technology may be in the dustbin before you know it. We build all of our systems with change in mind. We focus on the expected lifespan of the system, how data will be imported and exported from the system, and how to design for simple software and systems upgrades.

Growth, evolution and learning; A welcome to Patti DeBow!

It’s been two years since I wrote about why we launched ParsonsTKO. I am a bit overdue for an update…

A theory of change

As I look around our industry and read the language that other digital agencies use to describe themselves, many share a common theme: we are looking for clients that want to “partner for the long haul” or “build long-term partnerships”.  Here’s the thing about our statement – organizat...

European Union General Data Protection Regulations and Getting IT Improvements Funded

Are you ready for May twenty fifth? That's the date that the EU's  General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are slated to be implemented. These rules -- and their associated sanctions -- target any organization that handles data about EU citizens, whether or not that organization is itself in the...

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