Why they needed our help

The Hague Institute for Global Justice (THIGJ) was ready for a major overhaul of their website and digital strategy. They were already an existing client—we helped them on organizational planning with a digital-first marketing strategy—and they needed help updating and growing their online footprint. The goal was to transform them into a nimble and engaging think tank for the 21st century.

Limited CMS control

Previous website was built on proprietary PHP, with restricted access that forever tied them to the original web developer.

Site design

A rigid and limited site design kept content isolated, preventing audiences from discovering the true breadth of the organization’s expertise

Slow site administration

Site administration was laborious and slow, making it impossible to keep content fresh and responsive to a changing global context.

Information architecture

The existing information architecture was ad hoc and unaware of audience personas, severely limiting its utility.


ParsonsTKO was a valuable partner in developing our approach to digital communications at The Hague Institute for Global Justice and creating our new website. It was a pleasure to work with Nate and Tony and I would recommend their services to any organization seeking a smart strategic partner to help with communications and technology.

Dr. Abi Williams - President

What was our Approach

We went beyond building a website, to transforming THIGJ’s web presence, modelling key touch points along their audience’s experience journey and mapping out a CRM landscape that fit their needs. We established a forward-looking information architecture informed by the audience that would use it, and rebuilt their website and content management system, customized with modules backed by an extensive open-source community.

Content & engagement strategy

We looked at the entire organization and it's communications priorities, then developed a plan of action that covered both their CMS and their CRM.

Technical design & architecture

We translated the operational goals of their content strategy into an information architecture and site design focused on engagement.


Thank you both for your phenomenal work. I learned so much during the project and the compliments I'm receiving surely belong to you and the team!

Hasan Aloul - Digital Communications Specialist

Why was this a good solution

To compete in an increasingly competitive digital landscape, THIGJ needed a fresh website that responds to audience interests with deep and engaging experiences. This required a technical and information architecture based on emerging organizational goals, rather than incidental circumstances of the organization’s past. Our approach gave them the tools to self-govern and self-direct their digital future.

Best-fit CMS

Chose a best-fit open-source solution that satisfied organizational needs while fitting within organizational capacities.

Direct CMS control

Liberated digital team from their proprietary system that tied them to a vendor for even basic changes to their website

Cross-channel promotion

Our holistic approach updated their website in concert with updates to the promotional pipelines that bring the website’s audience.

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