Why they needed our help

Rare empowers a network of environmental stewards across more than 50 countries, and was entering a period of significant growth. As they began to tighten coordination across this global community, their efforts were stymied by  inconsistent tracking and understanding of how their audiences engaged with them across their outreach channels. 

Hidden lessons

Planning for organizational growth without an existing analytics architecture limited their understanding of current and past performance.

Spread thin

Limited budget and staff time available for data aggregation and analysis made it hard to fit analytics into a busy outreach schedule.

Missed opportunities

Incomplete coverage of data collection from existing analytics tools meant that they weren’t measuring key audience interactions on the web.

Ad-hoc analytics

No existing standards for the selection and reporting of key metrics resulted in a disconnect between what was past and what was planned.

One of the best parts of working with ParsonsTKO to improve our gathering and usage of analytics was the amount of training and communication during the hand-off process. This ensured that we are able to fully understand, use, extend, and improve on the process ourselves going forward.

Boriana Ditcheva, Web and Social Media Manager

What was our Approach

We started with a comprehensive discovery process to model their communications goals and process so we could target individual stakeholders with actionable insights. With that understanding, we designed simple analytics reports and templates to standardize routine reporting across the organization. This architecture was based on existing tools and software familiar to the team, and was supported by detailed training.

Data Driven Decision Making

We mapped key metrics to the stakeholders who could use them.

Custom dashboards and report templates

We designed Word templates to emphasize human analysis, backed by dashboards to speed access to data.

Rare's communications manager reports on analytics herself, among many other responsibilities. The two of us worked together closely to make sure reporting fit well within her workflow.

Stefan Byrd-Krueger, ParsonsTKO

Why was this a good solution

Rare needed to establish a baseline for their marketing performance as they entered a period of fast-paced organizational change. This lightweight analytics framework could be brought to bear quickly by the communications team, with training to carrying them up an easy learning curve. Our guided process helped them first identify and then address their reporting needs.

Cost effective

Made the most of limited resources, implementing the framework without any additional software or service purchases.

Interdepartmental planning

Puts analytics reports at the center of organization-wide internal communications strategy, serving as a touchstone for planning across departments.

Faster reporting

Saves time for Rare staff by organizing analytics into standardized (yet flexible) templates that takes the guesswork out of organizing metrics.

Easier analysis

Supported streamlined production of reports with custom-tailored analytics reports and detailed procedures for pulling and analyzing data.

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