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Our free events connect mission-driven professionals with expertise to help them deepen audience engagement. We’re equally passionate about building community and connections among nonprofit changemakers.

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Featured events

Breaking down silos: A panel discussion with Media Cause & ParsonsTKO

Wednesday, July 28, 2021 at 12pm ET/9am PT

This summer, Media Cause and ParsonsTKO are teaming up for a virtual panel discussion to shed light on how organizations can create a more cohesive culture through their outreach strategies.

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Data-driven PR metrics

Data has a better idea!

August 19, 2021, 9:30am – 11:00am ET and August 26, 2021, 9:30am – 11:00am ET

Most comms & public relations professionals are sitting on a wealth of data that they are unaware of how to leverage. The experts at ParsonsTKO are partnering with PRSA NCC to bring you a two-part workshop that will teach you how to unlock the treasure chest of data that you may have and how to use it to make more informed decisions.

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Past events

Migrating to a new platform: How to leverage a hidden opportunity

Recorded July 2021 

There are many reasons to need a new system, whether it be a CRM, CMS, or any other digital platform. The challenge is that many organizations do not know how to strategically plan for the transition to a new system, and important work can get lost in the shuffle.

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Optimizing virtual events with data

Recorded June 2021

What data should you be accessing from virtual events and what next steps that data should be informing? Join us for this webinar, as our experts help you leverage data to optimize your next virtual event.

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Removing Silos with the Engagement Architecture Methodology

Recorded May 2021

Your donors are not one-dimensional people, and your engagement strategy shouldn’t be either. Yet, breaking down the silos between communications, digital technology, advocacy, and development can be difficult. Learn why it makes sense to look beyond WHO you’re engaging to focus on the HOW. 

Follow alongs with Tony Kopetchny and EveryAction as we dive into how to build your engagement strategy, why you should use the Engagement Architecture methodology, and what results you can expect as your architecture matures.


The intangibles of vendor selection: Finding an email system that works

Recorded May 2021 

Communications teams focus their energy on building excellent content but don’t always have the best tool to distribute it. Are you confident you know what to look for when auditing your email system? How do you analyze the sales language from vendors to understand whether their tool can actually meet your needs?  Let us help demystify to process!

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Webinar- Impactful campaigns: the marriage of data & creativity

Recorded April 2021

What if you could use your data to better inform your creative campaigns? In this webinar we explore how teams plan audience experiences, and how shifting that process can help you use your organization’s marketing tools to maximize your engagement. We also dive into potential use cases and how your systems integrations can support your goals and leverage advanced capabilities like automation.


Webinar: Why you need a marketing CTO


Recorded March 2021

Keeping up with the pace of technology causing you stress? It’s time to hire a marketing CTO! Learn why, and how doing so can you and your organization optimize your engagement strategy.


Webinar: The importance of a contact model

Recorded February 2021

Seeking to improve engagement with your audiences and understand how well you are engaging with them? Contact modeling is the place to start! Join us as we define and discuss contact modeling in detail to help you get started down the right path to audience engagement.


PTKO Panel: Have we reached “Peak CMS”?

A discussion on technology evolution and its impact on audience engagement strategy and budgets

Recorded November 2020
Many organizations invest heavily in their Content Management Systems (CMS)—the backbone of their online presence. Are these large sums still warranted, given recent tech trends? In this discussion, we’ll help you learn how to allocate your outreach dollars to drive even bigger gains in audience engagement.

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Making the Most of Your Pivot to Virtual Events

Strategies for harnessing data and analytics to deepen audience engagement

Recorded October 2020

Virtual events are here to stay—and their success is essential to the impact and financial sustainability of our organizations. And yet with the rapid pivot to online events in the wake of the pandemic, few groups had enough time to develop outstanding systems for tracking, analyzing and integrating event data to improve performance.

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Accelerate your data strategy

Recorded September 2020

Data saves you time and helps you be more strategic and effective in your work. But in order to get these benefits, you first have to jump over common barriers to strategic data usage in your organization. Through this practical, hands-on workshop, we’ll show you how.
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Data for Social Impact: Racial and Economic Justice

Recorded August 2020

Meant to highlight the work of our Data Strategy Mentorship participants in the inaugural year of the program, this half day event was designed for a select group of upcoming data analysts and scientists to to present what they learned  about what the social impact and non-profit analytics sectors look like from industry professionals.

Included are video recordings and slide presentations from all parts of the event, including the six concurrent breakout sessions.

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Keeping supporters engaged when crisis is the new normal

Recorded May 2020

As you work to keep supporters engaged when crisis is the new normal, we’ve identified the following resources to build upon the webinar and further strengthen your team’s outreach efforts.

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How to Use Search Data to Improve Your Communications Strategy

Recorded April 2020

Search data is the best and fastest way to understand what your audiences need. Yet search data is currently under-utilized at most organizations.

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Monthly community gatherings

Each month we host an invite-only gathering of senior leaders from across our community to discuss a broad range of topics.

Some recent topics include:

  • Building a data driven culture at your org
  • Adapting in the wake of the increase in civic action for racial equity nationwide
  • Fundraising in 2020 and looking out to 2021
  • How to manage investments in engagement systems and platforms
  • Sharing lessons from a recent analysis of public sentiment in social media regarding the Black Lives Matter movement.