Content Performance Dashboard Basics

Wednesday, October 27th | 12pm ET/ 9am PT

Do you know how your content is performing?

Communications teams are typically sitting on a wealth of information, but many are unaware of how to leverage that data to build an actionable report. Do you know what metrics should matter for your content performance? Do you know what channels are working the best for the distribution of your content?

The team at ParsonsTKO is going to show you all of the insights that you can gain with a well-crafted Google Analytics dashboard. Our two senior strategists will walk you through what a dashboard could look like, some of the ways that you can customize it, and the impact that the report can have on your content strategy.

Join us on October 27th at 12PM EST/9AM PST for a free webinar on Content Performance Dashboard Basics.

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Adam Good

Senior Strategist

Adam Good has been working with organizations on their engagement strategies and platforms since “social widgets” were a thing and MySpace was still the space. He blends his professional experience in communication strategy, organizational change and digital engagement with a lifelong love of board games, music production and experimental poetry and art. The throughline connecting these interests is an abiding fascination with the systems that connect and empower people to have meaningful experiences and change the world. Beyond these interests, Adam is a voracious consumer of ideas and information across sources and boundaries; he folds his findings from all fields into an ever-evolving notion of engagement.

Rick Richards

Digital Business Analyst

Rick comes to ParsonsTKO with 7 years of experience crafting and implementing content strategies and digital transformations for non-profits and small businesses. As a strategist and analyst, he brings his subject-matter expertise to bear, married to a deep and never-ending curiosity for exploring each client’s unique values and gifts.