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Platform Management

Engagement matters: Evolving beyond the R-E-I communications model

It’s hard for any organization to thrive in complete obscurity. Whether you’re working to end childhood hunger or working to change policies in your city, your impact and influence will be limited at best—or nonexistent at worst—without building awareness and mindshare among the people who volunteer, give, and advocate for your mission. Fortunately professionals don’t

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Data Insights

How to Build a Data-driven Culture: A Case Study from NRECA 

Authored By Stefan Byrd-Krueger and Jessica O’Neal, Senior Director Editorial and Digital Strategy at NRECA In a recent Stanford University survey, nonprofit leaders and staff said inadequate measurement of organizational performance is today’s top challenge facing their sector. It’s an issue we’re deeply familiar with in our respective roles as a nonprofit data consultant and

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Stefan Byrd-Krueger
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