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Governance design and adoption

Making Accessibility Part of Your Content Workflow

Making Accessibility Part of Your Content Workflow IDEA: A commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility If you work in a mission-driven organization, no doubt you’ve heard about commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion. How do you make outreach that is natively inclusive because it is accessible?  “Accessibility focuses on how a disabled person accesses

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Strategy and Planning

Why you need a marketing CTO

Your mission-driven organization hires fundraising experts, communications professionals, and event planners to engage your audiences. In addition, your nonprofit may enlist executives, content specialists, academic experts, and others to communicate directly with supporters. All of these people work tirelessly to achieve your nonprofit’s mission. But are they using your systems and technology as effectively as

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Nate Parsons
Data Insights

After #GivingTuesday: What Comes Next? How to maximize the value of your NON-giving audiences

The fourth quarter is a significant time for charitable giving, and its anchor event is #GivingTuesday. It’s become a “must-participate” event in the mission-driven space, yielding impressive returns and helping many organizations hit their annual targets. The crucible of #GivingTuesday pushes teams to fine-tune their messaging, ensure that technology is working well, and create well-planned

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