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Governance design and adoption

Making Accessibility Part of Your Content Workflow

Making Accessibility Part of Your Content Workflow IDEA: A commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility If you work in a mission-driven organization, no doubt you’ve heard about commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion. How do you make outreach that is natively inclusive because it is accessible?  “Accessibility focuses on how a disabled person accesses

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Platform Management

Engagement matters: Evolving beyond the R-E-I communications model

It’s hard for any organization to thrive in complete obscurity. Whether you’re working to end childhood hunger or working to change policies in your city, your impact and influence will be limited at best—or nonexistent at worst—without building awareness and mindshare among the people who volunteer, give, and advocate for your mission. Fortunately professionals don’t

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Stewardship and deployment

Before Choosing an Email System, Translate Your Needs into Use Cases

Is your organization thinking about changing or upgrading its email management system? If so, we’re delighted that you care so deeply about the effectiveness of your organization’s emails—we can’t emphasize enough the importance of email in deepening engagement among your audiences! Having advised dozens of mission-driven clients on how to boost their email capabilities, we’ve

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