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Data contracting and systems integration governance

Grow your team’s efficiency by improving digital asset management

Disorganized systems cause teams to lose hours searching for digital files. With more of us working remotely than ever before, now is a good time to strengthen your systems and processes for managing the digital assets that drive your audience engagement. When organizations transitioned to fully remote work in response to COVID-19, many learned that

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Platform Management

Engagement matters: Evolving beyond the R-E-I communications model

It’s hard for any organization to thrive in complete obscurity. Whether you’re working to end childhood hunger or working to change policies in your city, your impact and influence will be limited at best—or nonexistent at worst—without building awareness and mindshare among the people who volunteer, give, and advocate for your mission. Fortunately professionals don’t

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System selection and landscape analysis

When selecting a new vendor, don’t forget the intangibles

Most executives rightfully consider their employees to be their most important asset. Yet there’s another group of individuals that plays a critical role in your organization’s success, particularly with communications and fundraising: the skilled professionals who work for your technology vendors. Your engagement platforms help you deliver the right messages to your stakeholders at the

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Eric Rojas
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