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Strategy & Governance

Why you need a marketing CTO

Your mission-driven organization hires fundraising experts, communications professionals, and event planners to engage your audiences. In addition, your nonprofit may enlist executives, content specialists, academic experts, and others to communicate directly with supporters. All of these people work tirelessly to achieve your nonprofit’s mission. But are they using your systems and technology as effectively as

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Nate Parsons
Analytics & Optimization

Data for impact: How our emerging data scientists are spending their summers

Insights from Data Strategy Mentorship program participants  In June, ParsonsTKO and TechSoup launched the inaugural Data Strategy Mentorship (DSM) program. Since then, a diverse collection of 20+ students and recent graduates have been gathering daily via Zoom to learn how they can use data for good.  Participants are embarking on a range of data projects,

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Stefan Byrd-Krueger
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