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System selection and landscape analysis

Exploring Google Analytics 4 Alternatives: A Comprehensive Comparison

Google Analytics 3 (GA3/Universal Analytics) has long been the go-to analytics tool for tracking website performance and gaining insights into user behavior. However, with the sunsetting of GA3/Universal Analytics, there is a growing demand for alternative analytics platforms that offer unique features, customization options, and enhanced data privacy. Let’s delve into some of the top

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Strategy and Planning

Five steps executives should take for the ethical use of AI

After 20 years of consulting across seven industries, I have seen a variety of novel technologies be discovered and then evolve to become part of every organization’s technology platform. What I haven’t seen very often is a planned approach to onboarding these new technologies to ensure they are deployed intentionally, ethically, and with mechanisms to evaluate, optimize,

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Platform Management

Maintaining your organization’s 501(c)(3) vs. 501(c)(4) status doesn’t have to be a nightmare!

The challenge of maintaining a unified constituent experience with multiple systems that essentially serve the same purpose To stay financially sustainable, many traditional nonprofits (including hospitals, think tanks, and affordable housing organizations) have spun up sidecar organizations to promote advocacy, facilitate political lobbying that advances their nonprofit missions – and in the case of social

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