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Analytics & Optimization

Nonprofit COVID-19 Response: Insights from our mission-driven community

Executive Summary The COVID-19 crisis is forcing rapid and, at times, radical adaptation among mission-driven organizations. ParsonsTKO  ran a survey among our clients and the nonprofit community to gather more detailed insights into how organizations are impacted and responding, then combined these findings with our experience and advice. Deep disruptions in internal processes, reduced staff

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Stefan Byrd-Krueger
Email, CRM and Automation

Before Choosing an Email System, Translate Your Needs into Use Cases

Is your organization thinking about changing or upgrading its email management system? If so, we’re delighted that you care so deeply about the effectiveness of your organization’s emails—we can’t emphasize enough the importance of email in deepening engagement among your audiences! Having advised dozens of mission-driven clients on how to boost their email capabilities, we’ve

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