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Business Intelligence & Reporting

What prevents your organization from putting its data to use?

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting—nay, of hosting a collaborative learning session—with the Oakland Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) about the challenges and opportunities of putting data to work at nonprofit organizations. My co-panelists, Sarah Vig from the Sierra Club and Sarah Wunning from GLIDE SF, shared stories about how to gradually enhance data

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Stefan Byrd-Krueger
Analytics & Optimization

Four Reasons Why Your Foundation Should Offer Data & Analytics Support to Grantees

If you work for a grant-making organization, you obviously want the non-profits who receive your dollars to succeed in helping you achieve your goals. There’s at least one way to do this: give them more money! But as we know in the non-profit sector, many times the challenges aren’t merely financial. Specifically, countless organizations have

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Stefan Byrd-Krueger
Technology & Automation

“They sparkle still the right Promethean fire;” Great things are afoot in digital asset management, fueled by the Folger’s five centuries of Shakespearean art

As the most-quoted writer in the English language, Shakespeare has no shortage of compliments paid to him. Perhaps for good reason: the truth, beauty, and insight of his words continue to inspire each new generation. At PTKO, we believe great works deserve the widest audiences and that those works are even most powerful when appreciated

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Nate Parsons
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