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How are we going to help you?

We partner with clients to contribute to organizational success and personal success

Be Personally Successful

We operate as an extension of your team--no one understands the challenges and opportunities faced by your organization better than you. Our work connects your efforts and successes with your organization's goals.

Emotional IQ

You’ll work with a partner who isn’t just technically proficient, but also understands the broader implications and importance of connecting our work together to your strategic goals and departmental initiatives.

Change Management

We've seen flawless technical builds and leading edge designs perceived as failing because staff did not understand the goals of the project effort, the link to organizational strategy and, most importantly, how the changes brought about affect and add value for them personally. ParsonsTKO works to avoid these situations through deliberate change management planning.

Contribute to your organization's success

With a focus on the big picture, we'll make sure every project, no matter how big or how small, contributes to your organization's needs and goals. Our holistic, strategic thinking can turn a useful project for a department into a great project for a whole organization.

Win Together

We are purposefully small so everyone in our company can know our clients personally--and ensure you are always getting the attention of seasoned experts and our company owners. We want our business to succeed through long-term relationships with our clients.

Do more, do it better

We extend & enhance your teams’ and organization’s capabilities through skills training and knowledge transfer. Sometimes, this occurs during larger projects and we also offer targeted training on a variety of business and communications processes.

Recent Insights

What are we learning?

What we learned from #ComNet18 on Twitter

Last week, hundreds of communications professionals from mission-driven organizations gathered in San Francisco for ComNet18 to share ideas about how to make greater impact in their work. Whether you were able to attend in person or not, thanks to tremendous audience participation on Twitter (more t...

A modern approach to tagging links in Google Analytics

A lot of work in digital marketing goes into the simple task of convincing your audience to click a link. This can take the form of a tweet linking to your website, a donate button embedded in your email signature, a particular path built into your site navigation, or a promotional piece leading to ...

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Open, Collaborative, Invested, Partnerships

Where is PTKO a great fit?

We have deep experience and knowledge across a broad range of technical, communications, branding and creative practices–but we don’t do everything. We work with executive level teams and leaders on planning and change management. We work with digital teams, marketing, communications and IT at the juncture of communications/outreach and technology, for creative or systems design, selection and implementation, tracking and analysis.

Grant Writing & Fundraising
Grant Writing & Fundraising

Technology, even when efficiently and modestly applied can be expensive. ParsonsTKO can help you frame your technical funding requests to 3rd party sources for your projects. We help organizations write high-quality grant proposals as well as RFPs for competitively bidding out projects.  Let us work with you to gain access to new sources of funds and spend the money you have efficiently and effectively.

Roadmapping & Budgeting
Roadmapping & Budgeting

Budgets matter and measurable goal driven plans to maximize the value you receive from every dollar you spend can strengthen future requests. We work with organizations to craft multi-year technology roadmaps that weave together the capabilities you want, the systems you need, and the amount of time you can devote to projects into a modular, clear plan that’s easy to report on and advocate for.

Data Driven Decision-making
Data Driven Decision-making

Measuring your outreach performance is a must for any organization, but to gain competitive advantages raw analytics need to be processed to reveal insights that guide optimizations. We empower organizations by creating data frameworks that expose insights, creating real-time dashboards visualizing your goals, and training your staff to use data to inform tactical and strategic decision-making.

On-demand Consulting
On-demand Consulting

Leverage ParsonsTKO’s years of experience and broad connections within your industry to gain insights and advice on how to plan and execute organizational and departmental initiatives and drive organizational change. We offer on-demand consulting services based on monthly retainers, not hours. We make our team available to you for calls and meetings as you need us, without worry about watching the clock.

Agile Business Processes
Agile Business Processes

Technology is a tool, not a solution. Solutions come from people and processes--but often organizations deploy long-term plans that do not allow for shorter cycle interval performance reviews. ParsonsTKO works with teams to understand how they can apply cutting edge agile business processes into your organization, from budgeting to project management to communications.

Coding & Development
Coding & Development

Complimenting our experience and visual design we work with clients to build and deliver amazing websites powered by sophisticated content management systems (CMS), web applications, and configure and connect business systems from Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMs) to digital asset management (DAM) and Project Management Tools.

Technical Design & Architecture
Technical Design & Architecture

We focus on developing “right fit” solutions instead of simply pushing expensive “best in class” solutions that often are as big of a headache as the problem they solve. We have extensive experience developing enterprise architectures, content management & creation pipelines, and helping plan for disaster, security, and continuity of operations.

Visual Design for Digital & Print
Visual Design for Digital & Print

We create impactful visual designs that carry organizational brand promise in the virtual and physical worlds. We can help translate your brand experience into effective identity systems applied to your full digital suite as well as print collateral ranging from signage and infographics to full magazine layouts.

Content & Engagement
Content & Engagement

Creating impact requires a strong holistic approach to your engagement strategy. You need to not just reach people once, but create pathways that move them toward engagement and support for your organization to take action on your behalf. We collaborate with our clients to develop content strategies that provide opportunities for increased engagement with your audiences.

Insights & Executions

What's it like to work with us?


A modern digital transformation agency focused on practical change

ParsonsTKO is a small company founded by two colleagues and friends on the belief that there is a partnership model to client engagement–and that digital is more than just a website, it is strategy that touches every aspect of a business from sales and marketing to HR and everything in between. We have a talented multi-disciplinary team capable of leading deep strategy and planning engagements, building analytical frameworks, analyzing data, designing brand and user experiences, building software applications and connecting systems via APIs.

Our company also runs an apprentice program, these highly skilled but new to the workforce team members work in close collaboration with senior team members producing excellent work while learning the ropes of the business. As a small company we can not offer the promotion path larger companies can, so when an apprenticeship ends we are happy to help place these talented contributors in other agencies or companies.

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Talents behind our success

We aren’t ninjas or rockstars, nor are we cowboys, though we’ve been to more than a few rodeos. We are seasoned veterans of many campaigns, constantly curious, motivated by challenges and at the center of innovation within the industry. We are passionate about the power of digital transformation and the good of that change.


We are looking for great organizations and causes to support! Please write or call us (202) 335-7856!